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What do you think about this phase ? Why do I take out this sentence for you to think up to ? I have heard many standard of objects for many years but I have never heard a style of the standard like this , another way I’ve just known a voice of a little girls talk about this who lived my next door . I was very surprised “ LOVE STANDARD “ they are meaning include “ Handsome , modern , get more money , rich and something like that .. “ It sounds too shock and I don’t have any idea about that , to me it sounds silly as if you take out this standard so I asked you a question was “ How long will you able to find it “ . I’m not believing everything in the world which can be change for the REAL LOVE , because LOVE are to need have sentimention , share other thing , sympathetic , future willing , understand other ….. I think it would existed from the day before up to now and to forever . Everything will not meaning if you were known a man who come with you who have just want other of you but they’re not take care yourself . What do you reaction ? EASY _ Let keep you out of him/her immediately without take care anything for more . 

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Vào lúc 06:56 PM | Thứ Hai, ngày 23 tháng 04, 2007, 5thanhcuchi
tinh yeu chan that bao gio den
anh van doi cho em yeu anh
anh mai di tim em be nho
cho doi hoa no muon tinh yeu
ai co yeu anh xin chan that
hien lanh nhu may tinh vui vui
tron doi chung thuy ben ong chu
vui nhung chuong trinh anh viet ra
ca phe boc khoi huong thom ngat
ngay thang sang dem may voi anh

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Vào lúc 11:48 PM | Chủ Nhật, ngày 22 tháng 04, 2007, •♥ Bắprang123 ♥•
about this phrase i think many people think about that even boys or girls, but to me, love standard is comfortable feeling when beside someone. have fun!

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