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________________☆Hello,´` _______________☆I Have....´` ______________☆Come Here´` _____________☆To Wish You ´` ____________☆Merry Christmas´` ___________☆And Also, A Happy´` __________☆New Year To You For´` _________☆2008... I Hope The New ´` ________☆Year Brings You Loads Of ´` _______☆Happiness And Good Health. ´` _____☆I Hope You Have A Nice Day On ´` ____☆Christmas Day, Filled With Lots Of ´` ___☆Family Time.....And Of Course Eating ´` __☆Lots Of Nice Foods, And Candies. I Hope´` _☆That Santa Is Good To You As Well And He´` .☆Brings You lots Of Presents On Christmas Day´`

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