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Thứ Hai, ngày 10 tháng 09, 2007

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I salute the good work you've done. I appreciate the person you eare, and I thank you for your positive influence. You have passed on invaluable instruction and wisdom and created pleasurable moments associated with learning what will always be sweet memories. Thank you for answering the call to be a teacher. Thanks you for the enduring impression you've made in the lives you have touched. Every community needs people like you. Your contributions are permanent. You improve our world. You are so important (By Donna Fargo, from Ngoc Thanh's Collection).


"In future, you'll konw many more people. There are those you need to remember and there those you can forget. Due to this, you don't need to remember me, you should forget me to remember others..."

That's what my teacher of math used to tell us. He taught us a lot. He was more than just a teacher of math. Now, we may have forhotten his math lesson his words of advice are what we still be in mind. He told us to forget him but I make sure that non of us do!

Our teacgers at school contribute a great deal to our knowledge. However, they're not our only "teachers". Books are kind of teacher, too. They're considered to be "the most patient of teacher".

They can teach us almost everything and will never be angry at us if we ask them to explain the same problem to us again and again. They never need our excuses for being late for their "lessons" like teachers at school. They never complain or punish us if we fail to answer their questions. And we are never obliged to do test. They're some of our dearest teachers!

Likewise, time is our teacger. She teachers us to be patient, trains us to be experienced. She a great teacher! However, she has a special way of teaching. Sometime, she gives us the test before the lesson and we have to do it to get the lesson. Sometimes, she has no choce but to make us fail so as to explain some a lot, we still need her. She's our lifetime teacher!

Also, the successful ones teach to work hard, to know that only by working can we become like them. The failures teach us thing we shouldn't do, ways to avoid or how to correct our mistakes. The cheerful ones teach us how valuable a smile is. The boring ones let us know that life would be sad without laughing and laughing, and so on.

Even those who tell ot show us nothing can teach us. They don't directly advise us to do this, keep away from that. But, somehoe, they teach us to discover things ourselves. They just let us be and then, they make us know that it depends on us whether we improve or not. They bring us our inside strength and one way or another, they let us know that we're our best teachers!

Yes, our best teachers are none other than ourselves, Others can teach us a great many things but there area few things that we can only teach ourselves. You see, we receive so many types of information and knowledge from others and sometime there are too many or perhaps contrary to one another. So, we have to select things to remember from them and decide which things are really right, what is really good. And it's no one else's job for us. No do this or that. It ia we ourselves who chiefly determine whether we become good or not. It's selt-education!

To my mind, nothing exists in this world that is not worth learning from. If you notice, you'll see that everything and everyone, everywhere can teach us!


K38A1 Foreign Trade University

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canhsat4sao sang nhà bác nhanh lên!
  gởi lúc 11:36 10/05/2008
4mattinhnguyen Thanks mọi người nhiều!!! >_*
  gởi lúc 13:55 09/05/2008
chuotkaka di dzui dze em nhe
  gởi lúc 20:21 02/05/2008
mecuatoi hay cô xin dùm cho nhé!
  gởi lúc 17:50 02/05/2008
maiyeuanh248 chúc 4 mắt luôn vui
  gởi lúc 10:06 29/04/2008
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